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Permanent Participating Life Insurance

Whole life insurance protection with the power of dividends

The Participating (PAR) Life Insurance solution that works for you.

Permanent protection for your family that provides long term growth and guaranteed cash values.

Coverage for your business that delivers protection and access to cash values.

Security for your retirement that develops early cash values, preserves your estate, or simply leaves a legacy for your family or a charity.

Eligible to receive annual policy dividends which can be used towards additional coverage.

Offers lifelong insurance coverage with guaranteed premiums that never increase, and at age 100, the policy becomes paid-up with continued coverage and no additional premiums.

Ensures lifelong insurance coverage with fixed premiums for 20 years, after which the policy becomes paid-up and protection remains constant.

Participating Life Insurance combines lifelong coverage with potential dividends. Here’s how it works:

  • Policy owners of Whole Life plans are eligible to receive annual dividend payments.
  • Your payments are pooled in a separate account called the participating account that is professionally managed.
  • Dividend amounts are based on the performance of the participating account and are not guaranteed.
  • These dividend values will be used to purchase additional life insurance coverage called Paid-up Additions.
  • Any Paid-up Additions are permanent and will never expire or require additional premiums.
  • The total cash value of your policy increases by any paid-up additional coverage.

Whole Life Participating plans are available to individuals between 0 and 80 years old. This makes it a great option:

If you are looking for permanent protection options for yourself, your children or your grandchildren.

For small business owners who need life insurance protection and may need access to cash values. For example, Key Person coverage or for Buy/Sell Agreements between business partners.

Our Whole Life Participating Insurance plans offer a range of advantages for individuals, families, and businesses alike:

  • Eligible to receive annual dividends towards additional coverage.
  • Policy Loans and Automatic Premium Loans available.
  • Builds cash value over time.
  • Premium payments don’t go up – no matter your age.
  • Access to the cash value of your policy.
  • Helps protect your loved ones – you can buy it on yourself or on others.
  • Tax-free growth of the policy’s cash value while inside the policy.

Whole Life plans provide flexible options that align with your unique circumstances. When building your plan, you have:

  • Two guaranteed payment options: Whole Life 20 Pay and Whole Life Pay to 100
  • Premium discounts for coverage amounts over $100,000
  • Issue Ages 0 - 80
  • Guaranteed Cash Values as early as year 5

Whole Life Plans offer coverage ranging from $10,000 to $20,000,000, with optional riders including Accidental Death Benefit, Child Critical Illness, Child Protection Rider, Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit, and Mortgage Protection Benefit.

Juvenile Whole Life Plans offer coverage ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000, with an optional rider for the Death or Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit.

Can I cash out of a whole life insurance policy?

You have two options for accessing the cash value in your whole life policy:

  • Surrender: You can surrender the policy, receiving the net surrender value. This value equals the cash value minus any outstanding policy loans and interest owed. Upon Surrender, the policy will terminate.
  • Policy Loan: Alternatively, you can take a policy loan against your cash value while keeping the policy in force.
How long do you have to pay for a whole life insurance policy?

The payment duration depends on the specific whole life plan selected:

  • 20 Pay Whole Life allows premiums to be paid over 20 years.
  • Whole Life Pay to Age 100 extends premium payments until age 100.
How much can I borrow from a whole life insurance policy?

The maximum loan amount equals the cash value minus one year of interest, outstanding loans, and interest under the policy.

Is whole life insurance tax-free?

The death benefit from the whole life insurance policy is tax-free. The policy’s cash value can grow on a tax-exempt basis up to a certain regulatory limit.

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