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Business Assistance Program

Business Assistance Program

Want access to confidential and professional guidance that helps you support employees, navigate human resources, financial and legal situations, as well as critical incidents that may arise?

The Acumin Business Assistance Program is for you. Designed to help your business thrive, Acumin supports you with one-on-one guidance from human resources, legal and financial experts who understand the challenges you face.

Unlimited human resources guidance (up to 2 hours per issue) per calendar year for general support (phone).

Up to 2 hours per calendar year for specialized legal guidance (phone). Up to 2 hours per calendar year for specialized financial guidance (phone).

Access to a curated online library of business information and resources, including sample forms, how-to guides, podcasts and videos.

Referral[1] of up to 3 hours of goal-oriented counselling sessions per employee per calendar year (including owners) to address personal or work-related challenges (in-person, phone, video).

Up to 2 hours of support per incident per calendar year from a trained professional (in-person, phone, video) in the event of an armed robbery, unexpected death of a coworker, major occupational injury or other critical incident affecting the workplace.

With Arete, you are merely a phone call away from confidential and professional support for your business whenever and however you need it.

If you need support: Call us at 1-877-412-7483 and provide your policy number. You’ll have a confidential conversation with a member of our intake team who will actively listen to your concerns and match you with the human resources, legal or financial professional from our extensive Canadian network best suited to meet your needs and most likely to produce a successful outcome for your business.

If you prefer, complete the service request form.

To refer an employee for counselling: have them call us at 1-877-412-7483 or complete the service request form. Provide them with your customer number and their employee number (note they may also be asked for their referring manager’s name). We’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Employees must be referred by their employer (not self-referred).
  2. Additional fees may apply.