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What is Diversity Benefits OnLine?

Diversity Benefits Online is Wawanesa Life’s electronic administration and claims sites available to all Plan Sponsors and all Plan Members.  Two separate sites are available:  DBO Administration and DBO Plan Member Claims.

There is no charge for any user to access the services available under these sites.  All users must register for access to one or both of the sites.

Diversity Benefits OnLine Administration (DBO Administration) is available to both Plan Sponsors and Plan Members.

Using DBO Administration, Plan Sponsors will have access to:

  • Electronic Plan Member Enrollment, Change and Termination (All original paperwork to be retained by the Plan Sponsor)
  • Individual Plan Member coverage information
  • Billing statements (The most recent 12 months of statements will be available at any one time.)
  • Annual Statement of Premium (Total annual premium billed for each Plan Member for Employee Life, Dependent Life, AD&D and CI coverage)
  • Announcements that are general in nature for all users of DBO Administration and those specific to Plan Sponsors
  • A PDF copy of your policy
  • Easy links to other documents and forms
  • Easy link to Group Customer Service through the ‘Contact Us’ link


Using DBO Administration Plan Members will have access to:

  • Update home address, telephone number
  • Update or terminate dependent information
  • Designate beneficiary for group life coverage
  • View coverage and volume available
  • View & print processed claim info (including printing of Explanation of Benefits) for Health, Vision and Dental claims processed prior to July 31st, 2015
  • Easy link to Group Customer Service through the ‘Contact Us’ link
  • Announcements that are general in nature for all users of DBO Administration and those specific to Plan Members
  • Links to DBO Plan Member Claims


Diversity Benefits OnLine Plan Member Claims (DBO Plan Member Claims) is for Plan Members only.


Using DBO Plan Member Claims, Plan Members will have access to:

  • OnLine Claim Submission – No more filling out paperwork and waiting for results. Submit expenses for a wide range of paramedical services plus medical equipment & supplies.  To name a few, the following can all be submitted electronically: Physiotherapy, Foot Care (Podiatrist& Chiropodist), Chiropractic, Speech Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Naturopath, Counselling (Psychologist Only), Vision care (including eye exams, glasses and contact lenses), Orthodontic monthly fees
  • Access your personal claims information, including obtain a breakdown of how your claims have been processed
  • Print personalized claim forms and replacement  ID card
  • Print your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) at any time, or conveniently print a statement for a full year’s worth of claims (commencing August 1st, 2015)
  • View your Plan Member Booklet for full plan details
  • Arrange for direct deposit of claim payments into your account.  If you request, you can receive email notifications when your EOB statement is ready!
  • Submit a ‘pretend claim’ for many services available under your plan so you can find out instantly what portion of a claim may be covered
  • Use the ‘Is my Drug Covered’ tool to look up coverage information about a specific drug
  • Find a dental, paramedical or vision care provider in your area


 How do users gain access to DBO sites?

To request access to DBO Administration, go to the Wawanesa Life homepage or the link shown above. On the Diversity Benefits OnLine Administration login box, click on Register.

From the selection menu appearing on the right hand side, select the online registration link as the appropriate user:

  • Plan Sponsor Register for DBO Administration or
  • Plan Member Register for DBO Administration

There is no limit to the number of Plan Administrators a Plan Sponsor can appoint.  Security levels under DBO Administration can be assigned at an account level.

Plan Members will be granted access once their application has been verified.  Plan Members will have access to this site only while they are an active member for the Plan Sponsor.

To assist you through the registration process, please select the appropriate guide from the Diversity Benefits Online Documents listing, appearing at the end of this page. (Plan Sponsor/Plan Administrator Guide or Plan Member Guide)

Upon successful registration, each Plan Member or Plan Sponsor will receive a unique LOGIN ID and Password. 

Both Plan Sponsors and Plan Members can choose when they want to use the services under DBO Administration.  All transactions should be submitted only once, either through DBO Administration or in paper format.  Plan Member changes may require original signed forms to be submitted to the Plan Administrator in addition to changes reported in DBO Administration. 

DBO Documents

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