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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

The Arete Arive® Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps you effectively protect and support your biggest asset—your people.

Arive’s high-quality, confidential counselling and supports gives employees and their families the opportunity to feel like their best selves again, sooner—helping them build resilience for other life challenges that may crop up in the future. From a business perspective, Arive’s evidence-based approach helps employees stay at work or return to work more quickly if on a leave, remain focused, productive and engaged—all while improving their job performance. It’s a benefit that works for everyone.

  • Up to 12 hours of counselling sessions per calendar year[1] for psychosocial issues (in-person, phone, video), nutritional concerns(phone) and eldercare issues (phone).
  • Up to 3 hours (each) per calendar year for specialized consultation[1] (phone) in the areas of: legal and financial guidance.
  • Unlimited hours per calendar year for childcare navigation support (phone).
  • Access to individual wellness resources on
  • Access to management support resources on
  • Opportunity to host one program information session per calendar year (in-person, phone, video).

With Arete, your employees and their families are merely a phone call away from confidential and professional support—whenever and however they need it.

If they need support, they simply:

  1. Call us at 1-877-412-7483 and provide their certificate and policy number.
  2. They’ll have a confidential conversation with a member of our intake team who will actively listen to their concerns and match them with the professional from our extensive Canadian network best suited to meet your needs and most likely to produce a successful outcome.
  3. Your employee (or family member) will connect with the professional to book their session and begin accessing support.

  1. Hours may be shared with eligible family members or dependents as defined by your group insurance policy.