WOW Downloads

WOW Downloads

  • WOW Product Illustrations & eDesk - Version 25.0.0 (July 2021)


  • Product Illustrations System (Term, Critical Illness, and Instant Issue)
  • eDesk Program (Announcements, Pending Business, Life Insurance and Annuity Policy Details, and Commission Information)

Following the installation of WOW Product Illustrations & eDesk, please download new eDesk files when accessing eDesk for the first time.

Download the current version of WOW Product Illustrations & eDesk.

Note: If you use Norton Antivirus Software, please click here before downloading.

  • WOW Planning Tools - Version 22.1.0 (February 2019)


  • Personal Needs Analysis System
  • Farm Needs Analysis System
  • Retirement Needs Analysis System
  • Quick Needs Analysis System
  • Retirement Product Illustrations (Guaranteed Investment Annuity (GIA), Guaranteed Retirement Annuity (GRA), and Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF))

Download the current version of WOW Planning Tools.

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For downloading instructions for a specific operating system, please see below:

Windows 7 or 8 Installing WOW from the website Installing WOW from a CD
Windows 10 Installing WOW from the website Installing WOW from a CD